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Hi, now that you’re here, for a good start in building background please watch the video on the right titled “Fail Safe Overview”.

Next, in “Documents” there is page titled “Step by Step” this document is a list of videos listed in the order we think you should view to help you organize and build your knowledge quickly to effectively manage your certs.

In “Videos” you’ll see the videos are put into different categories to help you find the one you need.

In “Documents” you’ll find tools you can send to your subcontractors that will answer questions and help educate them.

Then, always check in “Recently Added” to find new content as we continue to build our library.

If there are topics you need help with, please contact us. We are here to help!

written testimonials

“Gecko Enterprises, LLC would like to thank Kim and Aaron for the excellent service your organization, and staff continue to provide throughout the years. You and your staff are always available, and ready to assist, and help us with the appropriate service or advice whenever needed.

Most recently with the damaged APS transformer, not only did you respond quickly but you also had the insurance representative email and contact me within a couple of days. They made an inconvenient situation flow smoothly, plus resolved in a timely manner.

Our continued success in the construction industry is attributed to having partners like Gilbert Insurance Group.

Thank you for your excellent services, support, and prompt attention.”

Richard Joseph, Owner
Gecko Enterprises

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