Fail Safe for Homeowners


This video is intended to help homeowners understand their risk when hiring contractors to work on their homes. Make sure to scroll below the video for a downloadable version of […]

Drive Safe!


The Commercial Auto insurance market is in a difficult time. Premiums are rising and options are limited. If you have been fortunate enough to avoid claims, you can still expect […]

General Contractors… Serious Injury Lawsuit


If there was a serious injury on your job-site… do you have all the bases covered with your subcontractor’s agreements, certificates, endorsements, and potential exclusions in their policies? We can […]

Managing Certificates of Insurance


General Contractors Gilbert Insurance Group partners with Ctrax in an offer called “Fail Safe”. Fail Safe has a proven track record of helping General Contractors manage their certificates of insurance […]

Fail Safe for General Contractors

This video is a short introduction and description of Aaron Stauss’ Smart Builder University presentation of his “Fail Safe” offer to General Contractors.

Desert Mountain Homeowners Offer


Click on the video below to hear about our exclusive offer for the Homeowners of Desert Mountain from Kori Ramos, Director of Personal Lines