Game Changer

game changer

Game Changer is a new offer that will help your agency establish a powerful identity in the marketplace and become your competitor’s biggest nightmare. This offer is strategic, multifaceted, multi-beneficial, uncommon, complex, compelling, highly competitive, and scarce.

A Game Changer for your Agency

  • New competitive advantages.
  • An offer that is always superior to your competitor’s quotes.
  • A highly valued offer and lower priced quotes.
  • Higher retention.
  • New revenues.
  • New opportunities.
  • A fresh, new, and superior marketing approach.
  • Powerful strategic partners.
  • The ability to dominate a market.

Words From The founders

My name is Aaron Stauss, I am the President of Gilbert Insurance Group in Gilbert, Arizona. I’ve been an insurance agent specializing in construction for the past 20 years. The Arizona market is highly competitive, requiring agents to have distinct competitive advantages to compete for highly valued clients. I’ve been developing this offer for General Contractors over the past 8 years and with it I have nearly a 100% success rate with new, highly valued clients. I can teach it to you in a fraction of the time it took me to develop it.

Aaron Stauss, President of Gilbert Insurance Group

This offer is complex and hard for competitors to duplicate because it is made in conjunction with the help of a strong strategic partner, Matt Francis. Matt is the Director of Business Development for JDI Data (Ctrax). Ctrax is a cloud-based COI Portal, software built to automate Certificate of Insurance management. I have worked with a number of cert tracking software companies and found Ctrax is the most advanced and the most effective partner in making this offer the superior offer in our marketplace.

Matt Francis, Director of Business Development for JDI Data (Ctrax)