Who We Are

Our History

Gilbert Insurance Group was founded in 2009 by Aaron Stauss, its President, and Kim Wicoff, who serves as Vice President. The full-service independent insurance agency is located in downtown Gilbert, Arizona. Prior to Gilbert Insurance Group Aaron and Kim grew an insurance agency into the top producing agency for one of the nation’s largest captive insurance companies. Even with their success, that situation limited their capabilities to provide the conditions of satisfaction and produce the outcomes they desired for their clients. Today Gilbert Insurance Group focuses primarily on commercial insurance and has become known as one of the top construction insurance agencies in Arizona, working with many of the largest, industry leading construction companies in the Southwest. In 2014, the agency adopted a new business philosophy and orientation that has enabled new capabilities to produce uncommon, highly valued accomplishments for its clients.


Our Mission

Gilbert Insurance Group is an independent insurance agency offering strategic solutions to manage risk to businesses of all kinds, families, and individuals through a broad selection of competitive and specialized insurance markets. We are oriented around taking care of our clients concerns, helping them avoid potential breakdowns, and opening up new opportunities to help them compete more effectively in the marketplace. We customize risk management programs and provide resources to help businesses identify and reduce their risk. We work with insurance companies and brokers developing unique programs to offer uncommon value to our clients. Each individual in our agency takes pride in providing our clients with highly valued, uncommon offers, products, professionalism, and service. Our agency strives to help you succeed and we know your success is an important ingredient in our own success.

The Gilbert Insurance Group Philosophy

In 2014, Gilbert Insurance Group abandoned the traditional approach to insurance. We adopted a new business philosophy, changed our orientation to our clients and insurance carriers, and formed a new approach to the marketplace. We claim our orientation is our #1 competitive advantage. We believe, when you can identify how a person is oriented, you can better predict how they will act in future situations. A person whose orientation is generous will ask for the check at dinner. A person whose orientation is laziness will procrastinate to avoid work. An insurance agent who is oriented around making a sale will treat you like an object (an account or perhaps a large account).

Your business turns into a vehicle (object) to help them get what they want... a commission check. They will design their strategies around winning “accounts” and taking care of their own concerns. If an insurance agent is oriented around winning “accounts” what happens after they win? They move on to win the next account. We’ve noticed and observed this is the common approach in our industry and see how it eliminates the space needed to design and invent new strategies, practices, and valuable offers. Gilbert Insurance Group is oriented around seeing our clients as people who operate businesses that must compete in a highly competitive marketplace. We know they face constant challenges, they have limited time and resources, and they need more autonomy to deal with increasing competitive pressures. They have numerous concerns, face ongoing potential breakdowns, but also have many opportunities to exploit. We are oriented around learning about those concerns, potential breakdowns, and opportunities so we can design and invent offers, practices, narratives, and strategies that will take care of those concerns, help them avoid breakdowns, and create new opportunities that didn’t exist before our offers made them possible. When a new client accepts our offer, we see it as our opportunity to produce new outcomes for them by reducing their cost, lowering risk, increasing their autonomy, earning their trust, increasing their identity to help them compete more effectively in the marketplace.